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—  Rhyme and Reason White Witch IPA —
A Belgian wit meets American IPA. A fruity and refreshing version of an American IPA but with a lighter colour, less body, and featuring a distinctive Belgian yeast flavour.
300ml - 7   400ml - 10   560ml - 12
4.6% ABV
Brewed in Wanaka

—  Scott's 1905 —
This beer is a hybrid; an ale brewed as a lager. light carbonation, with delicate hop hints of citrus & tropical fruits, then leveled with local, fine-grained pilsner malt – resulting in the ultimate light and punchy drop
300ml - 6.5   400ml - 9   560ml - 11
5% ABV
Brewed in Oamaru

—  Scott's Harbourmaster IPA  —
Scotts brewers reserve, this indian pale ale recipe commands a world of ingredients; mashed into american ale malt, hopped, top fermented with usa yeast strain, then double hopped with a barrage of NZ hops
300ml - 7.5   400ml - 10.5   560 - 12.50
7% ABV
Brewed in Oamaru

—  Stacpoole's Hop Harvest Ale  —
This beer is the perfect balance of full flavour and drinkability. The malt profile, comprised of ale, munich and crystal malts, is complex yet not overly sweet.
This is complimented by a moderate hop bitterness, and flavourful hop finish provided by NZ Cascade and Nelson Sauvin.
300ml - 7   400 ml - 9.5   560ml - 11.5
4.6% ABV
Brewed in Dunedin

—  New New New's Pepper Pepper Pepper  —
Made with deseeded red chillis, crisp & refreshing capsicum like flavours with just a touch of heat
300ml - 7   400 ml - 9.5   560ml - 11.5
5.2% ABV
Brewed in Dunedin

—  Emerson's 1812  —
 Pouring a bright amber hue beneath a deep cream coloured head, the aroma hints at caramel offset by a light fruitiness.
Medium bodied, the palate first offers a marmaladey combination of ripe citrus and caramelised malts before the resiny hops bring home a lingering dry finish.
300ml - 7   400 ml - 9.5   560ml - 11.5
5% ABV
Brewed in Dunedin

—  Emerson's Pilsner  —
A Kiwi classic, Emerson’s Pilsner beautifully showcases Nelson grown Riwaka hops.
It's overt fruitiness oozes citrus and passionfruit aromas and flavours, and begs comparison with Marlborough’s world-beating Sauvignon Blancs.
300ml - 7   400 ml - 9.5   560ml - 11.5
4.9% ABV
Brewed in Dunedin

—  Emerson's Bookbinder  —
A wonderfully drinkable interpretation of a classic English ale. Bookbinder is a blend of four malts combined with two classic Nelson grown European hops (Fuggles and Riwaka).
The beer pours an attractive reddish brown, with a cream coloured head.
300ml - 7   400 ml - 9.5   560ml - 11.5
3.7% ABV
Brewed in Dunedin

—  Parrot Dog Lager —
Fresh from ParrotDog's brand new Lyall Bay Brewery, this is a very refreshing, very sessionable Lager.
It's crisp and dry and perfect for commercial beer drinkers and hop-heads alike
300ml - 6   400ml - 8   560ml - 10
4.5% ABV
Brewed in Wellingrton